Interactive learning solution breathes new life into Ledcor’s training program.

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Internal Training

My Role or Services:

Learning Design





The Problem:

Ledcor needed to improve its existing training manuals, which were difficult to consume, cumbersome to navigate, and lacked interactive self-assessment. It was clearly time to move to a new learning format but Ledcor lacked the time and capacity to transform their recorded Power Point webinars into interactive eLearning modules.

The Solution:

The initial phase of the project focused on solidifying a visual style that was appropriate for the curriculum and compliant with Ledcor brand standards. Over the course of seven months, I translated 16 hours of webinar content into ten learner-focused, performance-oriented, interactive eLearning modules (approximately six total training hours).

The Impact:

Learners appreciated the enhanced user experience and approachability of the course content with the newly designed modules that included better navigation, built-in knowledge checks, and learner-driven interactions. These usability improvements also eliminated the need for separate post-work tests. The work product helps reduce production time and will serve as a template for future e-learning projects.


time savings

The quality of the self-paced training was improved, while the time required by learners was decreased by 73% (from 16 hours to 6 hours).

"Oleg’s expertise in learning design and rapid course development along with his ability to decipher technical training content and convert into meaningful interactions allowed us to work towards a solution that was customized to our company’s business needs, rather than something more generic or off-the-shelf."

Tanzin Bhuiyan, Manager, Training

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